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We love fashion
We make commercials
Creativity is the key
Passion for detail

It seemed to be a risky decision 25 years ago to launch my own business as an independent female entrepreneur.  Even though my journey in costume production feels like a rollercoaster at times, I never regretted a single minute. Because I do what I love, and I’m good at it.

– Terezie Dvorakova


Some may think dynamic commercial shootings require reductive solutions. That’s not how we do it. Our approach comes from our love for shooting commercials, therefore we apply the same creative and professional approach we’ve learned shooting big movies, and artistically challenging productions.

We’re known for being enthusiastic and passionate about working with commercial brands, and we always provide dynamic and steady approach.

Stella Artois: The Delivery

Hanna Maria Heidrich


Wieden+Kennedy New York

Audible: Journey Into Imagination

Fridman Sisters, Stink Films


Floria Sigismondi, Partnership Pictures


From intimate and detail focused productions, to hundreds and thousands of extras, from medieval love story to a futuristic drama, we have done it all.

We have got a reputation for paying attention to every single aspect of film costume production.

We combine a variety of artistic skill set with knowledge and expertise worth more than 20 years.

Army of Thieves

Matthias Schweighöfer, The Stone Quarry

Day Z

Farid Eslam & Jan Pavlacký, Bedna Films

Blood Red Sky

Peter Thorwarth, Red Pack Filmproduction

Národní házená (TV series)

Vladimír Skórka, Michal Suchánek, Unit+Sofa Films


One needs to do something in life that is immensely rewarding from the artistic point of view. Having been involved in numerous theatre productions throughout more than two decades, we’ve managed to experience enough artistic freedom and satisfaction.

We focus on intimate theatre productions that provide close interactions and in-depth artistic immersion.

Kauza Maryša

A studio Rubín, Daniela Špinar

Zakázané uvolnění

A studio Rubín, Daniela Špinar

Dresscode: Amis a Amil

A studio Rubín, Daniela Špinar

Absolutně nepřijatelné


Special Effects

We pride ourselves in being capable of setting people on fire, or send them up in space without anyone getting hurt.

Admiral: Different League

Roman Valent, Heimat, Armada Films

IBM: Lookalikes

Nathan Price, Stillking Films

T-Mobile: Evolution

Nathan Price, POV films

Erste Bank: The Future Is Yours

Nathan Price, POV films

Commercials Films Theater Photo Styling Special Effects